"Beauty Imitates Life & Life Imitates Beauty"

Giovanni and Son is one of the worlds leading pioneers in the import/export human hair industry. Our vision is to provide our customers with the most beautiful human hair from around the world. Our goal is 100% satisfaction.

We are a family based company founded in 1970 in Southern California. We have grown from a small in-home store to locations in CA & TX, employing more than 25 dedicated and talented craftsman. In addition, we have added "Giovanni Wigs of Luv," a non-profit organization that creates beautiful human hair wigs and furnishes them FREE of Charge to deserving recipients suffering from the effects of chemotherapy.

Giovanni and Son strives to provide the absolute best human hair products and outstanding customer service available anywhere - Guaranteed!

Change Your Life By Changing Your Hair

Hair is one of the first attributes people notice about one another. Imagine changing first impressions about you by having a great looking head of hair. Beautiful hair has a profound effect on your self image, giving you more confidence and a better self-esteem.  It's amazing how having gorgeous hair can affect  so many areas of your life.  People really do experience more confidence, better self esteem, feel sexier, have more career opportunities, more dates and all around people respond to you better.

Let Giovanni & Son help you change your life by adding 100% natural hair to your own for a more self-assured appearance.


  • Virgin Hair

    Virgin hair (natural) simply means that the hair is completely natural and unprocessed without chemicals (such as perms, relaxing agents, or coloring dyes). Since the hair is completely natural, there has been no damage to the cuticles or the true structure of the hair. The hair cuticles actually protect the hair, and provide a natural look without dullness. Keeping the hair cuticles aligned and running in the same direction help prevent tangling and matting. This is very important when it comes to hair extensions, because you want a quality install that will last you as long as possible. Virgin hair is considered the best quality of hair which is known to last longer with proper care and installation.


    Most hair that you find in beauty supply stores are not Virgin Hair. It is made to look pretty in the package, but when you start using it, it only lasts a couple of months at best. They enhance the hair in the stores by over processing with chemicals, this greatly reduces the longevity of the hair. It actually rips the hair cuticle from the hair and causes permanent damage.


    Our Natural Hair comes in Natural Wavy, Loose Curly, Medium Curl, & Tight Curl. Natural colors will vary.

  • What is a weft?

    A weft is a track of several inches long on which the hair is already attached (a curtain of hair attached together at the top and free flowing at the bottom). A weft can be made by a machine or by hand. Handmade wefts can be custom made to suit your head and match your hair. The extensions are then applied by using one row (track) at the time instead of strand by strand.

  • Machine Wefts

    Machine weft is sewn using a special sewing machine specifically designed for stitching wefts. Some stylists are more comfortable working with Machine Wefts rather than hand tied wefts because it allows them to cut and seal the track themselves. Machine Wefts are generally made with the help of a sewing machine especially made for sewing weaves. Machine made wefts are one continuous track which varies in length based on the length and texture of the hair. Always make sure a high quality hair extension glue to seal the ends when they are cut. If the ends are not glued properly, shedding may occur. Machine wefts will not unravel when cut, if sealed properly. Our Machine Wefts come in one long track, which a stylist will usually have to cut and seal themselves. We recommend that you consult your stylist if you are unsure about which type of weft to purchase.